Friday, October 16, 2015

Bodega 1900 (Barcelona)

October 2015

Carrer de Tamarit, 91, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +63 606 225 545

When the Adria brothers (of El Bulli fame) first opened Tickets in an area once known decades ago as the cabaret and entertainment district of Barcelona but which had since fallen into disrepute, it is arguable that they envisioned bringing back the panache of the old days. They gave such a hint in the distinctly theatrical decoration and theme of Tickets. What they did since then was to further revitalise, in collaboration with the Iglesias Brothers, the previously seedy neighbourhood by opening up five other food and drinking outlets in that area.

One of those new places is Bodega 1900, a specialist vermouth bar. Aside from the classic European aperitif, Bodega 1900 also seeks to recreate the old school vermouth bars by serving mostly preserved and cured meats. Its intention extends to the decor as well, and the marble top tables, rickety wooden chairs and white tiled walls could bring diners' memories back to a better time.

We settled down with a negroni each (vermouth-based, of course) and left the ordering of food in the hands of the waiter. We enjoyed our time here and the food was good, with notable favourites being the olive globes (picture below, which you can also find at Tickets), the smoked salmon, the crabmeat on toast and the platter of cured fish.

Seaweed rice crackers

Razor clams in vermouth sauce

Marinated mussels

Deep-fried fish

Smoked salmon on toast

Crabmeat on toast

Deep-fried aubergine 

Cured meat platter of mackerel, eel, salmon and sardine

Cured beef slices

Jamon with tomato bread

Emmental cheese

Octopus with potatoes

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